What Is Your Style?

Looking for a wedding photographer?  A vital first step is to make sure you see a lot of your photographer’s work and determine that their style is compatible with what you want.  Check out the photo galleries on their website and Facebook, or even ask them to send you a link to a gallery [...]

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Are You Number One?

Te wedding day is your day, and you should be the priority.  When you're choosing a wedding photographer, don’t just assume that ANY vendor you hire will be there for you when needed.  A wedding is a big event and certain things won’t go perfectly as planned, so you need vendors you can count [...]

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Price is always a factor in choosing a wedding photographer, based on your budget and the level of service you want.  In general, lower priced photographers have less experience and skill than higher priced photographers, but there can still be wide variations in quality and service within a price range, so do your homework.  [...]

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A wedding photographer's equipment is essential to doing their job, but it's probably not the most important factor.  Your photographer's experience and artistic eye are much more important than having the most expensive camera.  However, there are definitely some equipment-related things you should be aware of before making a decision to hire a wedding photographer: [...]

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Are all albums created equal?  When choosing a wedding photographer, many will overlook asking about their physical product offerings.  There are many vendors who make wedding albums/books, and they range widely in price, materials, composition, etc.  Make sure you that you see actual samples of every physical product that is included in your wedding [...]

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Are You Insured?

What happens if your photographer doesn’t show up on your wedding day?  What if their memory card or camera malfunctions during your wedding?  Are you covered?  As you're choosing a wedding photographer, make sure to ask your photographer if she is carrying general liability and professional liability insurance.  General liability will cover you in [...]

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Photo Shoot Preparation

Here are a few things to think about before we meet for a Engagement or Anniversary photo shoot:  Clothing Tips These are suggestions, not rules, so if your favorite outfit includes thirty different bright colored stripes – then wear it!  We're taking your portraits and they should reflect who you [...]

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